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Marseille 11 with Art Alliance

This episode is special in many ways. We already have given our viewers previews of the exhibitions in New York before, however it’s the first time we had an opportunity to interview the artists participating during the opening. The show is devoted to the movement in photography, and was featuring several great artist’s works connected to this concept. One of the highlights of the event is collection of famous ballet dancers imagery created over the years by Nina Alovert. Another way in which this show is special, for the first time in Single Shot’s history our host Alex AG talks about his art – his work is also part of the show as well. This episode also contains the footage of one of the overseas artists speaking about her collection from her home country – Dariya Tishchenko-Zhuravel. We have had the opportunity to speak with other shows participants – Mariya Andriichuk and Tina Sokolovskaya right at the show, as well as hear the comments about the art presented from curatorial staff.
Camerawork by Ian Clifford

Will be aired on Monday, March 11th, 2019 5 P.M.

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