Retrospective for Traditional and Experimental Photography

After over year and a half of talking about photography we have prepared a great exhibition with some of Single Shot guests. The show goes on at X Gallery right now, and on 20th will have a grand reception.
This event is not just a collection of photography, but reflection on relationship between reality and photography, and especially between tradition and experiment in the media.
In this program we remind you of what we have discussed with some of the exhibition’s participants.
Meet in X Gallery New York exhibition works of Hank O’Neal, Ryszard Horowitz, Art Toulinov, Lisa Du Bois, Chris Lord, Michael Colavito, Lilian Caruana, Ocean Morisset and show’s host Alex AG. Reception is on July 20th at X Gallery.

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Originally Aired on Monday, July 15th, 2019 5 P.M.

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