Marcus Leatherdale @ Throckmorton Fine Arts

This week we are reporting on one of the most interesting events in New York photography of the year – Spencer Throckmorton – possibly the most respected authority in film photography presents a large collection of works of Marcus Leatherdale – a celebrated photographer, who became famous in 80s with surreal photographs often picturing celebrities (in many cases before they became celebrities), including young Madonna and Andy Warhol.
We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Throckmorton, Marcus Leatherdale and other individuals, who contributed to Leatherdale’s new book, and happened to be models of some of the shots. We have learned about history of these shots, including unexpected connection of the “clay man” on one of the images with Warhol.

Originally Aired on Monday, November 18th, 2019 5 P.M.

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