Identity Through Fashion and Photography
with Neil Tandy & Catherine Schuller

This episode explores the role of photography in social change and in the way how our society perceives itself. FIT faculty member – Catherine Schuller got together with a prominent New York fashion and street photographer in creating a unique project devoted to group of society, which was up until recently kept away from focus of attention. The event we discuss is a combination of fashion show of garments designed for gender neutral approach and an exhibition of photographs depicting the actual outfits of the individuals associating themselves with gender neutral lifestyle. The discussion covered a wide spectrum of questions ranging from nature of the show, it’s concept and approach all the way to how it was prepared and how the shoot was executed. The show is opening in the end of this week in New York.

Originally Aired on Monday, March 25th, 2019 5 P.M.

MNN Lifestyle Channel (Channel 2)

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FiOS : Channel 34
Spectrum: Channel 56 & 1996

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