Hiring Professional Photographer.
How to Do It Right?
with Neil Tandy

This episode will be of interest not only to photographers, but also for those, who need to use professional photographer services. We have discussed with Neil Tnady – a high profile commercial photographer – the features of a serious professional in commercial photography, the pointers that will help to spot one and to avoid amateur poising as professional. We touched the subject of pricing of the photo session, the issues of interacting with client, deadlines, lighting and even optics used for specific jobs. Want to do a good job hiring a good professional for your shoot? This episode is a must to watch.

And photographers – you may want to take a look as well – just to make sure YOU are doing it right.

Originally aired on MNN
Monday, September 3rd 2018 5 P.M.

MNN Lifestyle Channel (Channel 2) www.mnn.org

On Manhattan TV:
RCN : Channel 83
FiOS : Channel 34
Spectrum: Channel 56 & 1996

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